Webinar UBUNTU: Accelerating IoT device time to market

Seminário (webinar) excelente sobre LoT produzido pela Canonical, empresa por tras do Ubuntu. Esquecemos como essas empresas conseguem criar conteúdo excelente e gratuíto. Para assistir, basta fazer um cadastro.

Na prática a intenção deles é vender seus produtos. Mas a gente pode assistir e aprender novas ideias do mercado de LoT mesmo sem usar o que eles estão vendendo. Muito bom!


Launching IoT devices and managing them at scale can be a time intensive and complex process. With 85% of IoT initiatives not launched after a year of development, it is inevitable that change is needed.

To overcome these challenges, Canonical has introduced Smart Start, a package that reduces business and technical decision making into a 2-week, fixed-cost decision. Smart Start provides a guided journey through the infrastructure needed to develop, customise, and distribute software to fleets of devices. With consulting services to de-risk the journey at critical points, an enterprise’s IoT strategy is fast tracked to market.

This webinar details the learnings from over 30 project summaries and case studies of Canonical customers. Nilay Patel, Product Manager for IoT and Devices, will speak about the lessons to take away, and why businesses such as Rigado, Cyberdyne and Fingbox chose Canonical to launch their IoT devices.

Link: https://ubuntu.com/engage/smart-start-webinar?utm_source=Takeover&utm_medium=Takeover&utm_campaign=CY20_IOT_SmartStart_WBN_Timetomarket